Chris Brown Is Back On Twitter, Sharing Rihanna Pictures On Instagram

07 Dec

Chris Brown had a falling out on Twitter, when he engaged in a heated argument with comedian Jenny Johnson. Like in past instances though, Chris Brown has reactivated his Twitter account as of December 2nd. Chris Brown seems to have a problem with technology, he does not realize that his old tweets still show up even after he removes them from Twitter. Since Chris has re-activated his account, he has not sent out any more Twitter messages. Because Chris went off of Twitter, he has been a much heavier user of Instagram in the past. Rihanna has also joined with Chris, tweeting photos of the two in suggestive poses. Later, he joined the fun with a comment. Brown has a long history of spats on Twitter. He often says something that he regrets, deletes the whole thing, and goes away for a few days. Unfortunately for Chris Brown, the technology age allows us all to see this, which makes it hard for him to hide his controversial tweets. Chris Brown was interviewed recently before his most recent Twitter spat. It appeared as though he had a good handle on things. He admitted that he has not been as mature as he should have been in the past. He told XXL that he used to use his Twitter account to argue and vent. Nowadays, he says his Twitter account is more for marketing and promotions. He even mentioned that he tries to not let other people drag him down while on Twitter. Chris also mention that, over the years, he has developed thicker skin. He admitted he would fly off the handle, now he admits that he will not let people drag him down into Twitter spats. Perhaps, if Chris Brown were to slow down his Twitter usage, and take his own advice he will do okay on Twitter. He needs to remember that not only are his Twitter posts seen all around the world, whatever he deletes will still be on record. Anytime he says anything remotely embarrassing, the whole world is going to know within hours. Perhaps Instagram will be a less controversial road for Chris Brown to follow if he continues to allow himself to be dragged into fights on Twitter.

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